Invisalign is the modern-day orthodontic aligner made from a clear plastic material. It is a worthy alternative to dental braces and can be especially of help to patients who want to keep their orthodontic treatment under covers. Since the aligner is made from transparent plastic, it would do a great job staying under disguise while moving the teeth to their orthodontically right positions.

What are the differences between braces and Invisalign?

  • Dental braces have metal components, such as brackets and wires, which apply pressure on the teeth to align them appropriately. Invisalign doesn’t have any metal components and is all dental-grade plastic.
  • Dental braces are fixed to the teeth using adhesives, making them non-removable. Invisalign is a removable aligner and can be taken off whenever required, such as eating food, brushing the teeth, etc.
  • The chances of injuring the soft tissues of the mouth are significantly reduced with Invisalign. In the case of braces, the lips and soft inner lining of the mouth could sustain injuries when you take a hard blow to the mouth or during sports-related accidents.
  • The treatment is more comfortable with Invisalign, as the teeth are gradually moved to their positions. With dental braces, the pain and discomfort would be significantly more as the brackets are fixed firmly to the teeth and wires.

How is Invisalign treatment carried out?

When you visit us for the initial consultation, we will diagnose your malocclusion and determine the severity of the condition. This helps us determine your candidacy for Invisalign. Oral scans will be taken using a hand-held scanning device, along with dental x-rays. The data from the scans will be used to fabricate the aligners in a dental laboratory.

Once the aligners are available for use, we will hand them to you and take you through their usage. Ideally, they have to be worn for 22 hours every day to ensure the teeth are moved to their desired alignment. You may only take them off when you have to eat food, brush the teeth, or during necessary circumstances, such as a date, playing outdoor sports, etc. Once every two weeks, the dentist will hand you a new set of aligners, which would be slightly different in contour. They help you advance to the next stage of treatment and move the teeth further. The treatment may span between 6 months to a couple of years based on the severity and type of malocclusion.

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