Cavities usually form on the occlusal grooves present on the molars and premolars. This is due to the accumulation of microbes and food residues in the grooves. They can also be seen near the gum line or the rear teeth. This results from the tartar deposits that get accumulated near these areas. If you spot the onset of cavities, it is best to get them restored using fillings to keep them from growing wider and deeper.

What are fillings?

Fillings are made from dental-grade ceramic or composite resin and are placed in cavities. They help to restore the strength, shape, aesthetics, and functionality of the teeth. Earlier, metal fillings were the go-to solution to treat cavities and were made from metals such as amalgam, silver, gold, etc. But, their use has been limited in recent years due to their appearance, and dentists have turned towards tooth-colored biocompatible fillings.

What are the advantages of tooth-colored fillings?

  • Tooth-colored fillings are highly customizable, which allows them to mimic the exact appearance of the natural teeth.
  • They offer excellent sealing properties, thus significantly reducing the chances of reinfection.
  • They are highly durable. Their durability can be compared to natural enamel.
  • They are pretty easy to work with. They can be contoured as required and hardened using a curing light.
  • They are long-lasting. With optimum care and avoiding unhealthy oral habits, they last for many years without any hassle.
  • Tooth-colored fillings are biocompatible, meaning they blend in well and do not cause any adverse reactions to the teeth.

How are fillings placed?

The dentist will visually screen the mouth for tartar deposits and cavities. Using an ultrasonic scaling device, the tartar and decay from the cavity will be removed and washed away using a jet of water. If the cavity seems wide and deep, we may suggest an oral x-ray to understand the severity of the decay and determine if it has infected the dental pulp.

The dentist will place the filling material near the tooth and match its appearance with the enamel. This keeps the filling under disguise, and anyone who sees you smile wouldn’t be able to notice it easily. Etching solution will be applied to the cavity to roughen its surface. It allows the filling to adhere well to the cavity’s surface and stay stable without getting dislodged. The filling will be applied to the cavity and shaped accordingly, after which it would be hardened using a curing light. A bite test will be taken to ensure your natural bite hasn’t altered due to the filling and polished to enhance its aesthetics.

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